Delia's logo: an outline of a face with thick-rimmed glasses and short bangs.

About me

Delia standing against a colorful wall.

I’ve been a freelance UI/UX designer since 2022. In another life, I was an interpreter and translator, went to Art School, took a sewing course, watched lots of movies and dreamed about a way to make something meaningful.

I live in Bucharest, Romania with my partner and our blind cat.

Why Design?

To me design is creative but has constraints. It’s both about the big picture and the details. It can be about helping people not just impressing your peers. It can carry a lot of responsibility.

Some things never change though. I still feel uneasy at parties: I may have changed careers but people still don’t understand what I do.

A few more random things about me

  • My right arm is unusually flexible.
  • I sometimes start hiccuping if I laugh too much.
  • I love watching British crime shows.
  • I think mold on food looks fantastic. Especially if you nerd out with a macro lens.
  • Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Hawaiian music.
  • I’m also a comfortable pillow for my cat.